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Tipple of the Month - April 16

Tesco Finest- Soave Classico Superiore - £6.25

April's Tipple - Tesco Finest Soave

What are we talking about?

An outstanding white wine from Soave in Italy for just over a fiver!


If you have never been to Soave, get yourself a flight to Verona and explore this small beautiful medieval town surrounded by vinyeards either in the mostly volcanic hils or on the flat plains.

Soave wines are dry whites made from minimum 70% of Garganega grape.

What's so amazing about it?

  • It's much better than any Soave at this price: it's got a nicer, deeper colour to look at, more aromas to sniff and deeper flavours too.

  • It's fruity, creamy and refreshing. Think red apples and white peach with a creamy almondy texture.

  • It's great on its own or with a thyme & lemon chicken.

Why the Superiore Classico bit?

'Classico' in Italy refers to the original, 'classic' region that the wine comes from. In the case of Soave, this refers to the volcanic hills behind the town of Soave. The 'Soave'-only area refers to the wider area after it was extended.

'Superiore' for Soave indicates that the wine was aged for minimum 8 months.

Where can I get it?

Right HERE.



The Castel of Soave with the volcanic hills in the background




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